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How to install a solar power generator?



generators provide valuable, gas-free backup power for homes in the

event of a blackout. They are ideal for remote locations, such as

cabins, summer homes, RVs and other trips into the wilderness. Solar

generators are typically small, often portable, and very easy to


generators consist of one or more solar panels, a battery and an

inverter. The most convenient models are plug-and-play, meaning that no

real installation is required. When the power goes out or when you’re

off the grid, simply plug your essential appliances or lights into the

generator. These generators come with some length of electric cord so

the panel can be placed where it will receive the maximum amount of

sunlight while still powering electrical devices in the home, cabin or


more complex and stationary solar generator is a battery backup system.

In these systems, more than one solar panel is fixed to the roof or on

ground mounts, providing electricity to a bank of batteries that can be

connected to the home power supply in a way that ensures the generator

will kick on automatically in the event of a power failure.

Installation of solar backup systems is significantly more complex than

standalone generators and is usually best to hire an electrician or

solar installer to do the job. Although, if necessary, directions for

installation should be available from the manufacturer. Be sure to

follow them closely.

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