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Solar Power Isn't Feasible?

January 20, 2012 Posted by

Here’s a sweet little gem from our friends at Ecopreneurist: cartoon-solar-power-isnt-feasible Originally featured on the cover of SolarGas by David Hoye, the cartoon illustrates the frustrating battle of Big Oil versus Solar. Oil corporations have a stranglehold on every major energy source except renewables. How can the fledgling yet highly accelerating solar movement break into such an industry? …continue reading Solar Power Isn't Feasible?

When Will Solar Get the Recognition It Deserves?

October 21, 2011 Posted by


One start-up files for bankruptcy, and suddenly solar energy gets more media attention in one week than it receives in a year.

And you know what? We’ll take it.

Solar energy is poised for expansion, with technologies that have readied it for widespread use throughout the world. The day will soon come when solar makes more sense to the general public than energies derived from fossil fuel, …continue reading When Will Solar Get the Recognition It Deserves?

What's Behind New Jersey's Epic Solar Success?

September 20, 2011 Posted by


The news that New Jersey has the most solar energy systems per capita might surprise residents of the Golden State. True, California still leads the nation in the total number of solar energy installations, but when you divide installation dollars by population, New Jersey wins.

What is driving New Jersey’s success? And what can California and other states learn from New Jersey’s push to go solar?

Historically, New Jersey is better known for pollution than conservation. With more industrial …continue reading What's Behind New Jersey's Epic Solar Success?