Boise to Build $45 Million Solar Power Plant

Boise, Idaho mayor Dave Bieter announced during his State of the City Address on Wednesday that a 10-megawatt, $45 million solar power plant would be built on city-owned property near the Boise Airport. The project will create 20 construction jobs and retain 20 manufacturing jobs, according to KTVB. idaho solar power plant One more solar power plant west of the Rockies may not seem like big news to those of us who follow the solar industry, but it’s huge for Idaho, which has been slow to jump on the solar energy bandwagon, opting more for nuclear and some wind power. As yet, Idaho has no renewable portfolio standard requiring utilities to embrace renewable power. According to the Idaho Statesman, the state just lost a bid to house a new clean energy manufacturing plant because the state chosen, Colorado, was considered “green” and Idaho was not. This new solar electric plant is an attempt to change that reputation, for Boise and the state of Idaho. The city of Boise is in negotiations with Sunergy World to build the photovoltaic (PV) power plant. The company also wants to put solar panels on awnings above parking lots at the nearby airport. Solar power produced by the plant will be sold locally through a power purchase agreement. Sunergy World is based in Boise and provides services for commercial and municipal renewable energy systems, including solar, wind and biomass projects. Photo Credit: Emirates

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