GE Gives Santa's Sleigh a Green Tech Makeover

GE is working hard to avoid getting a lump of coal in its stocking this year. So to show off a year’s worth of “nice” tech innovations at the world’s biggest corporation, GE re-imagined Santa’s sleigh, this time with some notable green and high-tech upgrades. The uber-sleigh is sprayed with a nanocoating to prevent snow build-up as Santa travels through freshly fallen snow. It has organic light emitting diodes (OLED) for lighting - super eco-futuristic - and ceramic matrix composite (CMC) sleigh blades for more efficient flying and “less rooftop clatter” when landing. The frame is made from ultra-light carbon fiber composites so that Santa can lay off that diet for another year and the reindeer will sweat less carrying our admittedly tubby hero. Speaking of reindeer sweating, GE sodium batteries are included to store energy spent by the reindeer as they fly. Santa will be wearing a wireless medical sensor to monitor his vitals as he squeezes through a million chimneys, as well as a special RFID sensor that detects airborne chemical agents so Santa will know if the milk and cookies have spoiled. The sleigh will also be equipped with a cutting-edge tracking system so the elves won’t lose track of Santa on his long journey. Not all GE’s upgrades are green, but they all are high-tech and many are (or soon will be) in use on planes, trains or automobiles. If Santa catches wind of this, perhaps Christmas will come a little sooner next year. Thank you, Treehugger.

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