Japan Has Answer for China

japan-solar.jpgPhoto Credit: Steph & Adam Not more than a week following China’s announcement of new solar energy incentives, Japan has answered with some plans of its own. Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso announced his intention for an economic stimulus plan that will contain incentives favorable to solar energy development. Japan’s ruling party has set up a panel to promote incentives. That panel wants to implement feed-in tariffs for distributed solar systems. Another ambitious piece of the panel’s plan is to install about 37,000 solar power systems on public schools within three years. Many in Japan are also looking forward to the prospect of a Toshiba-Sharp solar partnership. Both companies have announced interest, although no deal as of yet. Nonetheless, these two international companies growing more solar integrated is big news in Japan. Sharp, the world’s second-largest solar cell manufacturer, is expected to reach $1.7 billion in revenue this fiscal year. Toshiba’s goal is to reach the $2 billion mark in distributed generation solar system sales by 2016. china-solar.jpgPhoto Credit: Matthijs Koster The last month has seen some big news in solar from Japan and China. It seems easy to deduce that Japan is committing to solar power in an effort to keep their homegrown companies from outsourcing valuable jobs to China and elsewhere. How Japan’s actual stimulus plans match up remains to be seen. Either way this is good news for the global solar industry, and potentially for a lot of Japanese public schools. Source: Green Chip Stocks

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