News that Proves Solar is All That

Does solar power really have any opponents? Realistically, most things do and should. After all, the world would be a dangerous place if everyone took everything at face value. But what do the solar opponents have to say? Probably that solar power is expensive and that it requires special California sun. Possibly that manufacturing panels requires resources, and how environmentally friendly could that process be? Well the same sun shines in California, Alaska, and Maine. And as for other issues, the news is that solar power is positive on multiple levels, including the following. Solar Cells Are Safer to Manufacture than Fossil Fuels A new report, “Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles,” proves it. The report is the first comprehensive study on pollutants produced during solar cell manufacturing. By gathering emissions from 13 solar manufacturers located in the U.S. and Europe, Vasilis M. Fthenakis and colleagues found that solar cell air pollutants are 90 percent less than those resulting from fossil fuel technologies. The report will come out March 15 in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology. Link: Easing Concerns about Pollution from Manufacture of Solar Cells Solar Panels Work in the Cold Like our post Will Solar Work Where I Live? reminds you, solar power depends on light, not heat, and we also sited numerous sources that guarantee the entire U.S. gets enough light to support solar power systems. Why else would solar panels be built to withstand hail, snow, and freezing temperatures? This week, another blog reinforces the fact that sunshine is what counts, even in a snow covered area: Solar Panel Works – Even in Cold Wintry Places. Solar Thermal Helps Builders Achieve LEED Ratings Having LEED certification gives a home or building the nod of approval. It means that the building’s design and performance is recognized as green. In Canada, EnerWorks is busy providing solar thermal technology to homes that hope to meet LEED certification requirements. One more hint that solar energy takes the home a step closer to optimal, energy efficient performance. Link: EnerWorks Solar Water Heating Helps Builders Aim for Top LEED Certification Ready to reap the benefits of solar power in your home? Contact one of our certified solar installers today. They’re guaranteed to be the best in the industry, and their estimates are free.

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