7 Manufacturers of Solar LED Lights

solar ballsCountless mothers have said it, “You can do anything, once you’ve set your mind to it.” Since we as a society set our minds on solar energy, it’s amazing how many ways we’ve found to use it. Solar lighting has been a shining example of that fact (no pun intended…but I’ll run with it). To prove the point, here are seven manufacturers of solar LED lights, making themselves money while saving green-hungry consumers and companies money all over the world.

  1. Starry Night Lights are the latest to join the club and the inspiration for this post. Their LED area lights promise to green-up parking lots, basketball courts, and driveways across the nation.
  2. Westinghouse is just another example of companies going green. How are they doing that? Well, by manufacturing solar LED lights of course.
  3. Gama Sonic‘s line of solar lighting lasts up to three nights on just one day’s charge. These lights add quite the accent!
  4. Brinkmann has a variety of landscape lighting, from those that hang, those that flood, and those made of metal.
  5. Silicon Solar covers the spectrum of solar products, from panels to landscape lighting to commercial solar lighting. Satisfy all your solar needs!
  6. Green Solar Light. Yes, solar lights are made in China too, and a wide range of them.
  7. Newport Solar again focuses on garden and landscape lighting, but with one unique product that caught my eye; the solar floating ball.

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