Blue Moon, Blue Sky, Blue Tooth

You guessed it: today’s solar link post is sponsored by the color Blue, simultaneously spanning the worlds of gadgetry and aeronautics. Here we have proof that some activity still exists in the solar industry, despite the economic blues of the day. We also have solar power doing what it does best; creating light from light, enabling campers to see through the darkness ‘neath the

Blue Moon.

Thanks to PiSat Solar’s K-Light. This lantern/flashlight combo is an advancement on its predecessors with its one-to-one charging ratio.

Blue Tooth.

Today’s communication devices are running the phrase “Hold the Phone” into obsolescence. Now with the Iqua Vizor Sun bluetooth car speakerphone (and under ‘optimal’ conditions) you can talk for hours and hours without a cable or wire ever entering the equation.

Blue Sky.

On a larger scale, Ascent Solar and Bye Aerospace have signed a deal in which Ascent’s thin film technology will power Bye’s aviation technology, hopefully advancing the cause of solar-powered flight.

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