Energy Star Rated Solar Water Heaters

200px-energy_star_logosvg.pngEnerWorks, an Ontario-based maker of solar water heating appliances, is officially the first to qualify for the Department of Energy’s brand new Energy Star residential water heater program. Expect this to be the first of many. EnerWorks water heaters—at least those that qualify for the program—are all active, flat plate collector systems.

While EnerWorks is the first company to qualify for Energy Star’s new program, they are not the only solar water heater manufacturer to be an Energy Star partner. Other companies include Caleffi Solar out of Wisconson, Power Partners Solar out of Georgia (which happens to be the 13th largest woman-owned company in the U.S.), and more. For a full list see the Energy Star partner list.

enerworks-banner-main3.jpg It’s hard to believe that any quality solar water heater would not warrant the Energy Star sticker. Solar water heating is inherently more energy efficient than any electric or gas system because it need not require grid power, with the exception of running pumps for active systems.

So it’s just a matter of time before other solar hot water companies join EnerWorks on Energy Star’s list. With a more-than-friendly administration in the White House, the time is ripe for solar and homeowners.

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