Five Phenomenal Residential Solar Panel Options

As you shop around for residential solar panels, it helps to know what some of your options are. Our blog is here to help. We’ll bring you descriptions of the latest offerings on a regular basis. Here are five products to start. So compare features such as capacity, durability, warranty options, and appearance. Then, contact a certified solar installer for a free estimate. by by Kyocera This module has one of the highest conversion efficiencies at 16 percent. Named for its dark blue color, features stylish, dark blue cells surrounded by black frames. They come with Kyocera’s new surface treatment, wattage ranging from 135 to 205 watts, and a 20-year warranty. Andalay Solar PanelsAndalay by Akeena. This innovative system includes solar panels, racks, and wiring, boasting a lighter weight and 70 percent fewer roof-assembled parts per installed system. The slim panels don’t look too bad, either. Power comes in up to 180 watts. Covered by a 25-year warranty. Uni Solar Eco Series Residential Solar PanelsEco-Series by Uni-Solar. These framed modules are glass free, lightweight, and virtually unbreakable. They can be adjusted for optimum tilt and wind resistance and are shadow and high heat tolerant. Power ratings are at 62 and 124 watts. Uni-Solar products are known for easy installation that doesn’t require roof penetration. SunPower Solar Panels 215SunPower 215 by SunPower This solar panel has a high 17.5 percent efficiency rating, delivering power at 215 watts. SunPower’s high-end module has “more power per panel,” along with a 25 year warranty. The GB Series by Green Brilliance The GB Series is designed for long life and continuous performance under extreme conditions. Power ranges from 70 to 210 watts. The panels are configured to withstand 160 mph winds, and are protected from moisture by lamination. Links: PV Powered Residential Inverters

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