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solar fanIf you read our previous post on Worry-Free Solar Powered Fans, you already know that solar fans save energy, reduce noise, and help take the burden off of your AC system while providing ventilation for the home. Attic fans were the star of that post, but there are other solar fans out there as well. We’ve since gotten a bundle of emails from interested homeowners who want to know more. Here are some specific brands and products on solar attic fans, solar fan hats, and solar auto vents, to name a few.

Solar Attic Fans. All of these have their own panels built-in, drawing energy from the sun, directly to the motor!

Jet Fan Attic Fan
Sun Rise Attic Fan
Solatube Attic Fan
Green Home Solar Fan
Creative Energy Technologies Fan

Other Fun Fans, for Cars, Fridges, and More

Solar Fridge Fan. This includes a complete kit, but is only for fridges that use DC power.
Maplin Solar Fan/Charger/Clock
Auto Air Vent Fan
Robert Reese Solar Fan. This portable fan includes briefcase sized folding panels.
Smaller solar fans, all with their own panels

Finally, Solar Home Fans that Run on DC power and Don’t Include Panels. However, these fans offset the need for an inverter, saving you energy that way.

Ventilation fans
Solar ceiling fans

We hope this helps you narrow down your search for a solar fan. Thanks for reading!

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