How to Use a Solar Calculator

solar calculatorThe solar industry is growing at an astounding rate. Due to the myriad tax incentives and rebates available to homeowners and businesses, the intricacies of energy costs and needs, and every home’s unique location in relation to the sun, it is usually difficult to find answers to important questions when considering a move to solar power. In response, several solar companies and websites have developed online solar calculators that help you figure out the size, savings, and cost of your solar system.

Most online calculators are very user-friendly and different calculators do different things. You will need certain information on hand, such as location, average energy bill, and system specs or system needs. Some calculators help you track the sun across the sky at your particular location. Others will map out the necessary system to meet your specific energy requirements.

Solar calculators are not only useful before you buy solar panels. They can also help you understand your particular system after it is installed. After your system is installed, you can use a solar calculator to track your system’s energy output and dollar value. This can help you detail the day-to-day function of your solar system and help you decide whether you need an upgrade or not.

Online solar calculators are just a matter of punching numbers, very easy for the most part. However, solar calculators are not foolproof. Try using multiple calculators and check for drastic variations and other inconsistencies that let you know something is wrong. While solar calculators are an excellent resource, both before and after installation, and are likely to become more refined as time goes by, don’t forget that your local solar contractor will have suggestions and answers that a calculator just can’t figure.

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