Illuminiate Your Way with Passive Solar Pavers

Before now, I’ve only had to worry about if my garden was getting enough sunlight during the day. But now? Now I have to worry about if my driveway is getting enough rays, too. Why? Because passive solar pavers are so cool I’m hoping I can persuade my husband to make me a runway out of them. solar-pavers.jpgPhoto Credit: CalFinder Residential Solar The blocks are installed in driveways (yes - they are so strong that you can definitely drive over them without the fear of cracking or shattering them), patios, pool decks, walkways, or other places you may use traditional masonry pavers. You don’t want to make an entire path or surface out of the passive solar blocks (well, maybe you do, but you don’t NEED to), you just intermingle them with regular pavers, placing the passive solar blocks everywhere you’ll want light. They can also be installed in other materials as well, recessed into wooden decks, exterior building walls - pretty much anywhere you want to have accent features or lighting at night. During the daytime they soak up the sun’s energy and when the sun retires for the evening, they illuminate your way in the night. Contractors Choice Lighting, Inc. has blocks in four different colors: green, red, blue, and white so that you can simply illuminate a path or make your own stylish and unique pattern of color and light. TJB, Inc. sells a variety of Kerr lights meant for different uses, many shaped like a rectangular brick and others that are more square like a glass block. This allows you to select the proper size and shape that may make installation a bit easier if you can match the other pavers going into the same project. LIFE Support Technologies, LLC has some very cool patterns in their glass block solar pavers. These blocks look exactly like other glass blocks, only they have a “high-quality, silicon-encapsulated, mono-crystal solar cell; there’s no wiring and no utility bills to pay. And, they’re totally waterproof!” solar-paver-shapes.jpgPhoto Credit: Solar Cynergy Solar Cynergy offers three types of solar pavers, and one of them is round, which is unique, as all of the others I’ve found are square or rectangular. As soon as I saw that one, all I can picture is a pool deck with round LED solar pavers scattered here and there, each one surrounded by long rectangular bricks extending from the light - a likeness of the brilliant star that gives it its own little corona. And me, well naturally, I’m laying bronzed and totally relaxed pool-side - maybe with a little Corona of my own.

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