My Solar Wish List

solar sourceMost of us are kings or queens of wishful thinking. We’ve been blowing out birthday candles for as long as we’ve been alive and many of us might be amazed to find out how many of those wishes have come true over the years. So I figure, why not bake a solar birthday cake (so to speak), throw about ten candles on it, and blow. And here it is, my very own solar wish list (from easiest to hardest, let’s be realistic here) which, I think, could just as well be your solar wish list.

  1. Solar Lights. These are an easy one. From garden lights to headlamps, solar lighting is inexpensive, long-lasting, and attractive.
  2. Solar Fans. A great, wireless addition to your attic that will help increase ventilation and save on electricity costs.
  3. Solar Radio. Set your radio outside or on a windowsill and enjoy wireless radio whenever you want!
  4. Solar Cookers. As old as cooking itself, solar ovens have been redesigned for the modern wishful thinker. Cook your food the old-fashioned, free-energy way!
  5. Portable Solar Kits. These solar kits you can carry around will power your laptop and other gadgets. They are fairly inexpensive and utterly useful.
  6. Solar Windows. Not quite skylights, innovations in windows, such as Solar Tubular Lights, are revolutionizing the way we light our homes.
  7. Solar Kilns. For those of us who enjoy dry wood or lumber, you can build your very own solar wood kiln for all your DIY needs.
  8. Solar Hot Water System. This is the most economical of solar systems you can install, with quick returns on your energy bill it can pay for itself within 10 years. A worthy wish!
  9. Passive Solar Remodel. It’s nothing new to incorporate the sun into your remodel designs, so why not do it? Keeping the sun in mind while you remodel will help keep the heating bill off your mind.
  10. Solar Electric System. The penultimate wish for anyone wanting to go solar. Get off the grid or, even better, get the grid to pay you back!

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