New Solar Roof System is Smart and Cool

smarterroofresidential.jpg It’s called the SmarterRoof. It comes from Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar Systems and combines the energy-saving logic behind cool roofs with the energy producing value of a rooftop solar system. It is what Petersen-Dean CEO Jim Petersen calls “the ‘one-two’ punch” of modern roofing systems.

SmarterRoofs utilizes a custom designed, light color roofing tile, complete with an Energy Star coating to increase reflection rather than absorption of incoming sunlight. Cool roofs are getting a lot of attention lately, including some recent shout-outs from President Obama himself, as well as Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

smartersolarpanels.jpg Cool roofs utilize light or white roofs to reflect sunlight away from the home and earth. In turn they help save homeowners energy by reducing cooling loads in hot summer months (dark roofs absorb solar heat and can drastically increase the temperature within a home) and work to reduce the impact of urban heat island effect within cities and towns as well as combat global warming on a larger scale by sending the sun’s warming rays back into space.

Petersen-Dean is latching onto the dual advantage of those cooler roofs and solar energy systems. And it makes perfect sense; the two form an easy, symbiotic, and rather logical partnership. The idea should definitely be a consideration for homeowners considering solar, as the cooler roof will only increase the energy value of the solar electric system. Remember that going solar involves energy conservation as well as energy production.

On top of that, Petersen-Dean SmarterRoofs utilize all types of solar PV technology, from standard modules to thermal and thin-film. They are also, believe it or not, cheaper to install, last up to 40 percent longer than similar conventional roofing products, and eventually can offset electricity bills by as much as 90 percent. Of course, I imagine those numbers will vary some based on your roof, which type of system you choose, and other factors. Still, Petersen-Dean claims that a SmarterRoof will pay for itself within just five to seven years.

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