Plug-Free, Solar LED Lights

Whether solar or not, LED lights are redefining the world of personal lighting. From light bulbs to head lamps to key chain flashlights, LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are all the rage. But so is energy conservation and we’re getting tired of plugging EVERYTHING in. So now solar energy and LED technology are combining to green up outdoor lighting.

The most common use for solar powered LED lighting is in the garden. These lights have all the sunny-day-long to collect energy and store it in rechargeable batteries, which can power the lights for up to ten hours at night. To learn more about solar garden lights and discover some helpful product links, check out CalFinder’s solar library.

In addition to solar garden lighting, solar LED’s have some other clever uses for the avid solar enthusiast. Considering that most solar energy proponents, and most everybody for that matter, enjoy being outdoors, solar light manufacturers have devised a solar water bottle that doubles as an LED light. This ingenious gadget has a small solar panel in the cap that collects energy during the day and can function as a lantern at night for about six hours on a full charge. If you’ve already got your favorite water bottle, you can just buy the cap and convert it. The water bottle itself is meant to be reusable, a much more viable option to the little plastic throwaways.

Other products at SOLLight include solar LED’s made to go anywhere and for storage or car-top boxes and more. For indoor use, The Kitchen Exchange recently posted a piece on LED recessed lights for the kitchen.

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