Recreational Shade with Panels: Another Branch of the Solar Tree

solar treeAre you eager to install solar products on your property, but at the same time would like more shade in your yard? The two definitely contradict each other, but there is a solution. What if you can combine shade and solar into one? This concept is accomplished through a solar tree.

Solar Canopy Shades your Sitting Area

A solar tree, such as this Life Tree created by Envision Solar, can provide shade while working as a high-powered solar collector. Similar to a pole-mounted photovoltaic system, there are a couple different styles of these recreational shade systems. They are mounted on up to four posts, which can be either wood or steel. The cantilevered canopies can provide shade for a sitting area or patio. Instead of taking up valuable space in the yard, they can serve a dual purpose. For residential purposes, the cost begins at around $15,500.

Mini-Forests Charge Cars

Another use for solar trees? How about parking lots and garages! Check out the “mini-forest” the University of California at San Diego has created by installing solar trees on the tops of their parking garages. Not only will these trees help to power numerous facilities throughout the campus, but they will power onsite outlets to charge hybrid and battery-powered cars.

Mimicking Natural Trees

The solar tree was created according to the principles of bio-mimicry. Bio-mimicry embraces concepts from nature and incorporates them in architectural designs. The solar tree is designed to mimic natural trees in an attempt to be as attractive as possible. Still in the growing stages, solar trees are just beginning to catch-on. Just imagine all of the possible locations where these durable solar systems could be placed.

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