Set in Stone: Solar LED Pavers

Solar Pavers

Solar just keeps reinventing itself. We’ve written a lot about solar lighting – from solar garden lights to solar trees – but I’ve got to say, this one is great. Solar LED pavers are essentially the same concept as solar track or garden lights. They just take solar lighting to all new…hmm…lows?

That’s right. Now you can incorporate clean, wireless, easy-to-install, long-lasting, solar LED lights directly into your driveway, walkway, patio, or yard. As you can see, they have all the same advantages as typical solar lights with an even more integrated style. To me, this just really expands the design possibilities for garden paths, stone walkways, and all of the above. Sure they are as low to the ground as you can get, but that’s the beauty of LED lighting; they don’t take much energy to run so they don’t need many hours of constant sunlight to perform.

Manufacturers of LED pavers include: Maki Solar, Solar Cynergy, Solarpath, and Meteor Lighting. Prices are apparently hard to come by, but Meteor Lighting’s version cost between $188 and $281, depending on the size of the paver.


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