Solar Chargers: Take Your Solar System on a Road Trip!

I like getting out of the house. I also like my friends and family. Therefore I like my cellphone and my laptop and my iPod and all those gadgets I don’t yet own. Oh, by the way, I like solar power too. All of these favorite things of mine run on battery power, and every night they all get plugged in to prepare for tomorrow’s adventures; sapping the grid night after night after night. If only I could take some power with me! That’s where solar chargers come in—my new favorite gadget to power all my new favorite gadgets.

Even if you already have a solar electric system, with solar chargers it is like taking your system along with you. Not to mention the lessened stress on an already hardworking solar system. I’ve written before about portable solar power kits, but solar chargers are sort their “Mini-me.” They are to solar panels what the iPod is to the Sony Walkman.

There are several different solar chargers out there. Some will power your phone. Some will charge your laptop. Some will fit in the palm of your hand. Some slide into your backpack. Some are your backpack. You make the choice based on your needs.

Make your next day at the park an energizing experience!

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