Solatube Natural Interior Lighting

Solatube Solar LightingSolatube produces a tube light system that they claim offers equal levels of natural light in a room - even on cloudy days. This isn’t directly solar power, but it does save wiring and panels to deliver light to your home. Plus, the company says that with their patented light-diffusing lens, you have ultimate control over the shade and brightness of the light entering inside.

I’ve seen these advertised in the back of the Smithsonian and that’s how I got interested. I haven’t tried them and of course, the company is saying they don’t leak. Essentially, this product is a tube that installs through the ceiling and out the roof, much in the same way a chimney or propane exhaust pipe would. Now, that doesn’t mean they are easy to seal, but it would be worth checking out their presentation for the product if it interests you. Likely, it’s a cheaper way to light your home than with solar panels, wiring and light bulbs. Barring any leaks, this product should outlast compact florescent bulbs by a long shot.

Also, for the entrepreneurs out there, Solatube is seeking retailers.

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