Window-Mount Solar Lamps Meet Modern Design

solar lamp base panels

Welcome to the suction cup era of solar lighting. Just last month, we discovered the PowerPlus Spider Solar Light that uses a triad of suction cups to stick to a south-facing window, providing solar-powered LED lighting at night. Turns out that was only the diminutive preamble, as this week we find the Saint Clair Lamp, a much more modern and less portable design (not for camping trips) from French architect and designer, Stephane Maupin.

The Saint Clair was a winning entry for the VIA Project Assistance Grant that seeks out young design talent and connects them with manufacturers and producers. It looks something like a thin desk lamp with a go-go-gadget neck and a rectangular LED fixture for a head. The advantage of this spindly design—the lamp is just over three feet long—is that the light can be left hanging on a window after dark and still cast direct light on a sofa, table, piece of wall art or just into the room proper.

solar lamp window mount

The Saint Clair lamp comes equipped with a set of photovoltaic solar cells that collect solar energy through the window during the day. At night, it can either remain on that or some other window in the house, or, when fully charged, stand just fine on a desk or table. It is super-sleek modern white with a 12-inch-round, flying-saucer-shaped base.

solar lamp desk

The lamp runs for 45 euros (about $62), which is a hefty handful of change—more than the $8 PowerPlus Spider lamp, but I suppose you’re paying for (much) higher quality design and, I expect, better materials and components.

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