Canada Beefs Up Solar Thermal Rebates

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The U.S. certainly is not the only country looking for the solar industry to jump start its economy. Our neighbors to the north are getting a big boost from their government, which has announced at least a 25 percent increase in rebates for retrofit home energy upgrades. This limited time offer (max. two years) includes everything from increased insulation to renewable energy systems.

Yet the 25 percent increase in grants for most energy upgrades pales in comparison to the increase for solar thermal hot water systems. For water heating, the rebates will increase from $500 to $1,250, a 150% increase (possibly more for Ontario residents). This could have a huge impact in Canada, where viable sunlight yet cold temperatures make solar water heating very useful. Although typical Canadian systems will tend to be more expensive due to the need for anti-freeze heat transfer fluids and subsequently more complex systems—an issue that only makes the increase in rebates that much more significant.

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Here in the United States, federal rebates continue to stand at a maximum $2,000 for solar hot water systems. Fortunately for solar electric enthusiasts, that cap has been removed for photovoltaic systems as of 2009. Find out what your state as to offer here.

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