5 Reasons Home Solar Will Change Your Life


A recent survey conducted by Applied Materials found that 49% of respondents would be motivated to purchase a residential solar system if they had more information about how solar technology would work for them. Most people know by now that solar energy is cleaner and more sustainable than fossil fuels, but are skeptical that investing in a solar power system will benefit their lives.

It’s time to challenge that. Here are five ways residential solar will change your life.

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1. Savings

Month-to-month expenses can make it easy to overlook long-term costs. Over the long term, solar energy is a proven and sound investment. With multiple solar rebate and incentive programs available from government and utility companies, solar panels now typically return the cost of installation in six to eight years (or much sooner). From that point on, you’ll be generating free, renewable energy for the life of your system (typically 25-30 years).

Solar leasing options also enable you to purchase solar systems for little or no money down. Homes with solar power systems immediately see at least a 30% reduction on their utility bills, unless, of course, their energy bills are eliminated altogether. Many home systems produce excess energy that is then sold back into the grid, earning homeowners extra income.

2. Insurance

People understand that auto, home and life insurance are prudent investments, that being prepared for emergency situations saves them money in the long run. Purchasing a system that will protect you from rising energy costs is just as prudent. The demand and cost of conventional energy worldwide is forecasted to rise by as much as 49% by 2035, according to United States Energy Information Administration (EIA). A solar energy system provides protection against rising energy costs.

A standalone solar energy system can also provide protection against blackouts caused by man-made and natural disasters. In many homes and businesses, access to continuous electrical power is essential. For those who rely on electricity to power medical devices, it can be a matter of life and death. Standalone solar panels can ensure that power is never completely cut off, among other amazing benefits.

3. Flexibility

Solar panels are a modular system. If you wish, you can start with a few solar panels add more to the system later. And the government assistance is incredible. People who spend at least $5,000 on a solar energy system can receive as much as 30% back in the form of a federal tax credit.

There are other solar products available as well. Solar heating systems can keep a swimming pool warm year round, in most cases with zero operating costs. Solar water heating systems can augment a home’s heating systems. A solar recharger left on a windowsill can recharge a cell phone – even on a cloudy day.

4. Leadership

A solar array is a visible display of personal commitment to responsible energy consumption and conservation that can inspire others to action. As an example of an energy solution, solar power systems can empower an entire community. And when an idea catches on, whole neighborhoods become solar havens.

5. Stewardship

Solar energy systems preserve natural resources, providing opportunities for individuals to make a personal contribution to the health of the planet. Converting to solar energy is an affordable, sensible, and responsible way to reign in personal energy consumption, and to join in a worldwide community intent on solutions.

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