San Francisco Mayor Weighs In on Solar

Gavin NewsomIn a recent statement, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom weighed in heavily on the subject of solar and renewable energy. The time for asking or wishing is over, it would seem, as Mayor Newsom rallies his constituency, and anyone who’ll listen for that matter, to “Demand a New Green Economy.” The Bay Area as a whole is a nationwide leader in solar energy, so the mayor certainly has a platform to speak from.

Newsom notes that, since GoSolarSF took effect in July of this year, solar installations have almost quadrupled in the city. Given the city’s program, the California Solar Initiative, and federal tax incentives, half or more of the initial cost of a solar system could be paid for. This, the mayor more than implies, makes the time ripe for renewable energy and a green economy.

Mayor Newsom also speaks to green job growth. Since his city’s solar program kicked off, 10 new employees have already been hired with many more expected. Around the country we can expect millions of new, domestic jobs on the horizon, should we follow mayor Newsom’s advice and up our demands for a green economy. And solar will not be the only piece of the puzzle, the mayor points to recycling, landscaping, and even bicycle repair as key sources of job growth and diversity.

Renewable energy has received a good deal of preliminary support from the next presidential administration, whichever candidate wins. But that, Newsom asserts, is no excuse for lying down:

“Americans are ready for bold action. We can truly revitalize our economy with good green jobs, clean, renewable energy, and a healthy climate. We must demand this new green economy. No more billion dollar tax breaks for the oil industry. No more drill baby drill. No more Persian Gulf imports. Energy independence is attainable in 10 years, but we must demand it from our leaders. We need to invest in America’s future – a green future. We need to invest in solar, wind, geothermal, wave, and other green technologies. Our national security depends on it.”

Read the full text of Mayor Newsom’s statement here.

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