University of Michigan Takes 1st Place in Solar Grand Prix

When it comes to solar-powered cars, the University of Michigan certainly knows its stuff—and they have six first-place wins in the American Solar Challenge to prove it. solar grand prix winnersMichigan’s Solar Car Team went into the 2010 race with a clear advantage. In addition to having five wins to their name from previous years, they won first place at the Formula Sun Grand Prix qualifying event, and proceeded to take the lead during every segment of the race itself. That’s not to say they didn’t have their own set of challenges. solar grand prixThey were caught up in traffic several times during the 1,200-mile race, and a bit of rain damage to the lighting board caused the team to lose 15 minutes of the race. But upon crossing the finish line over two hours before the second-place team (University of Minnesota), it was clear they deserved the first-place title. After all, their Infinium solar car could top out at an impressive 100 miles per hour. The University of Michigan team, along with a few of the other 17 competitors, is now looking forward to next year’s Global Green Challenge.

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