Solar Hot Water in the Kitchen

kitchenforsolar2.jpgQ: Can I use solar hot water in my kitchen?

A: Absolutely. The vast majority of solar hot water systems are “wired” right into your home’s existing water system, heating water for use from any faucet in the home, including the kitchen. Most systems connect directly to the current hot water tank, turning the conventional gas or electric water heater into a backup system.

I suppose you could install a solar hot water heater specifically for kitchen use, but unless you have an unusually large kitchen, this would unnecessarily limit the system’s potential. For most residential systems, an average sized solar hot water system can handle as much as 80% of the family’s hot water needs. You need do nothing more than connect it to the existing tank and enjoy clean, free hot water.

And heating water isn’t all that solar energy can do for your kitchen; you can cook with solar as well. Solar power is also revolutionizing kitchens in the developing world, bringing people in remote locations refrigerated food and a warm meal.

Kitchen photo and remodel by CalFinder certified Carlisle Classic

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