Ridgeblade: the Silent Residential Wind Turbine Concept

Ridgeblade, a concept wind generation product developed by the UK-based Power Collective, is a clever twist on traditional wind turbines. The Ridgeblade sits on the ridge of your roof and produces about as much power as a medium turbine, thanks to the vectoring of air that the existing roof provides. This would be a powerful incentive for those with fussy neighbors and those who need to circumvent homeowner’s association regulations, which often prevent the construction of standard turbines. ridgeblade According to Inhabitat, the Ridgeblade is nearly silent, something standard wind turbines can’t compete with. Plus, NIMBYs can’t even grumble at you under their breath for installing the Ridgeblade. The compact design makes it a neighbor-friendly choice. To boot, maintenance for the Ridgeblade seems fairly easy. I’ve always wondered how you would perform routine maintenance on a 40-foot high wind turbine. Climbing onto the roof sounds much simpler, not to mention cheaper, in the event that you have to hire a professional. The company just received a $750,000 grant from Green Challenge Awards, part of the 2009 Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. The company says that the money will allow them to “focus solely on bringing [the Ridgeblade] to market.” And they found out about the contest only two days before the deadline! My guess is that it’s bound to make a splash once it hits the market. Depending on the city location and efficiency of this concept, the Ridgeblade could actually provide more power for some cities than solar would (Chicago, maybe?). Like so many things renewable, time will tell. The product was developed by a former Rolls Royce engineer for the Power Collective. And a tip of the hat to you sir, we like it! Source: Inhabitat.com Photo Credit: Power Collective

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