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Missouri Solar Incentives and Rebates

In June 2010, Missouri officially embraced renewable energy when its Public Service Commission finalized rules for the state’s first renewable electricity standard. The law mandates that investor-owned utilities (IOUs) in Missouri obtain 15 percent of their electricity from renewable resources by 2021. Better yet, there is a caveat which mandates that 2 percent of that power come from solar electric systems.
In response to that legislation, solar incentive programs have been cropping up in utilities across the state, as well as a few government incentives. While just a few years ago Missouri residents had virtually no incentive to install home solar power, there is now a growing list of rebates to choose from.
PACE Financing
In May 2010, Missouri became the 21st state to pass enabling legislation for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs. These financing programs allow homeowners to borrow from their city or county funds to install a home solar power system and then pay it back through a voluntary assessment on their annual property taxes, with interest. Loan terms, including interest rates and repayment periods, are determined locally. Being so new, no municipalities in Missouri have yet developed their own program at the time of this writing (June, 2010). Contact your town, city or county to see if it has or is currently developing a PACE financing scheme.
Residential Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (Energize Missouri)
Among other energy efficient appliances, solar water heaters are eligible for a rebate under the Energize Missouri program. Using funds allocated from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the state of Missouri is offering a $500 rebate for solar hot water systems with an electric or natural gas backup. The program expires in February, 2012, or when the $5.7 million in funding is exhausted. Visit the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for more information.
Utility Rebates

A number of Missouri utilities now offer rebates for solar electric and water heating systems, largely in response to state renewable energy requirements. One utility, Columbia Water & Light, offers loans for solar water or space heating systems as well. To find specific information on solar rebates that may be offered by your power provider, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).